Which Sex Toy Should You Get: Dildos vs Vibrators

Which Sex Toy Should You Get: Dildos vs Vibrators

While there are many sex toys in the market, the ones that many are familiar with seem to be dildos and vibrators. So, the question begs — which is better? However, a better question is which is better for you, because you’ll be its user aka master.

In this guide, we’ll be sharing some details about dildos and vibrators, the perks, features, and downsides, so you can choose a sex toy that meets your lifestyle.

What's a Dildo?

According to Masterclass, a dildo is a penetrative sex toy that brings any sexual experience, whether solo or partnered. 

Unlike vibrators, they don’t have any movement. Ever since sex toys have been gaining popularity, more variations have emerged offering different dimensions of pleasure to their user.

Characteristics of Dildos

There are many features to take note of, but we’ll shed some light on the absolutely important ones. Let’s dive deeper to determine the core details so you can have a stunning solo or partnered play experience.

Dildos are usually made from some form of medical-grade silicone that’s body-safe. Some other materials include borosilicate glass and stainless steel. Each of these materials has been certified to safely penetrate sensitive areas like the vagina or anus. 

They come in a variety of sizes, choose the length that fits your taste. It’s also no surprise these sex toys come in a range of bright colours and life-like designs to mimic sex or sexual experiences. Some are smooth (perfect for beginners) as they insert easily, ribbed (great for a bit of friction and added sensation) and vein-like (appealing to those who want a realistic feel).

Types of Dildos

With so many types in the market, finding the right sex toy can be hard (geddit?). Here are some of the most popular dildos in the market today:

1. Classic 

Think of it as the vanilla of dildos, it’s shaped like a penis and that’s it.

2. Realistic

These are usually more intricately designed with a skin-like texture.

3. Dragon

Inspired by these mythical creatures, they’re made for the adventurous and have scale-like features just like a dragon.


Ideal for temperature play, it’s a smooth and durable dildo — a fine companion through and through.

5. Strap on

Designed to be worn on the lower abdomen, this built-in harness offers vaginal or anal penetration even for females.

6. Double-Headed

With two tips attached to a single base, this one offers end-to-end pleasure for partner play.

The Pros of Dildos

1. It offers a more realistic experience

Due to its shape, you can expect a dildo to replicate the experience of having sex. When your partner is away or when you’re in the mood, a dildo satisfies your urges well. It’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice to have in your bedside drawer.

2.  It offers more control

No one pleases you as well as you can. Because of its flexible material, bending and twisting a dildo to satisfy is easy. You can make penetration as innocent or as naughty as you want to. You call the shots and it does the deed.

3. It’s always “hard” for you

Imagine a penis that’s perpetually hard, that’s essentially what dildos are. You don’t have to stroke or stimulate it, this sex toy is always ready for you. Best of all, it lasts. 

The Cons of Dildo

1. It's manual

Everything is DIY when it comes to using a dildo, which uses quite a bit of energy. There is no automatic buzzing to heighten the experience for you. While guiding this sex toy around your area is fun, going at it for a while may not be the most comfortable experience.

2. It's super obvious

The fact that it’s shaped like a penis, it can be embarrassing or inconvenient to carry it around. Depending on the size, a dildo probably isn’t something you would be carrying in your bag. Because of that, it’s not as portable as you’d like it to be.

3. It doesn't offer external stimulation

Dildos are designed for internal pleasure such as hitting your G-spot. You would thrust or stroke it, however, it’s not a sex toy for foreplay. It’s usually used when you’re already feeling horny and want some action.

What's a Vibrator?

A vibrator is a sex toy that is meant to function as a penis. It’s responsible for self-pleasure in the erogenous zones with its buzzing vibrations. Vibrators come with an in-built motor that makes these movements a powerful thing. 

One of the key differences between a vibrator and a dildo — is it's shape. Vibrators may or may not look like a penis, which definitely helps when you want to be a little discreet. In the past, vibrators were used to treat female hysteria, but in today's day and age, it's a personal care tool for sexual wellness that's acceptable to millennials and Gen Z.

Characteristics of a Vibrator

When it comes to materials, both dildos and vibrators are crafted from body-safe and non-porous materials like silicone, ABS plastic, or metal. While silicone is generally soft, it does have a tendency to be firm and rigid, perfect for penis-pleasure activities. 

For metals, they’re usually made from stainless steel or aluminium. They’re great for temperature play, making your sexual experience an exciting one.

Shape-wise, some vibrators look like a bullet and some look like wands with long handles. The reality is, there are so many designs in the market, each catering to specific functions and pleasure points. As for textures, they’re typically smooth or ribbed for your pleasure.

Types of Vibrator

Remember we said some are shaped like bullets and some others like wands? Here is a list of popular vibrators and a brief description:

1. Bullet

They’re compact and discreet (no one will ever know it’s a vibrator). They usually offer a few vibration modes and are great for carrying around for a quick pleasure sesh.

2. Rabbit

The name of these vibrators comes from their floppy and bunny-like ears. They stimulate the vulvas and have a thicker shaft for G-spot stimulation. They’re also great for blended orgasms.

3. Clitoral

Designed to dance on the sensitive clitoris, these sex toys are usually responsible for the big O. They vibrate and have different intensities and speeds to match however you’re feeling.

4. Remote-controlled

These ones are wireless vibrators that can be operated by an app or some sort of Bluetooth technology. They’re great for couples or for those in long-distance relationships.

5. Anal

As the name suggests, this vibrator has a fanned-out base to make insertion and removal seamless. As the anal area has plenty of nerves, it’s a desirable area for some extra lovin’.

6. Finger

These are more introductory vibrators that wrap around the finger. Simply placing them in your erogenous zones will create a satisfying sensation.

7. Love egg

Designed to be inserted into the vagina, love eggs are wearable vibrators that strengthen the pelvic muscles and offer a thrilling sensation.

The Pros of Vibrators

1. They have a wide selection

Apart from the list of vibrators that are popular in the market, the list goes on and on. We have yet to discover massagers, clit suckers, prostate vibrators and more. Each one is known for offering pleasurable sensations. We promise you’ll love your time with a vibrator, no matter which one you pick.

2. They are easy to use

Most vibrators are straightforward in terms of function. There will usually be a button to turn it on and up and down arrow buttons to control the intensity. Although most of them come with a manual, they’re easy to navigate and extremely fun for satisfying your urges.

3. They stimulate both internally and externally

A variety is always good and the fact that vibrators meet this criteria makes it a desirable choice. They stimulate the clit, breasts, neck, testicles and other erogenous zones with ease. Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?


The Cons of Vibrators

1. They aren't as silent

Although many vibrator brands advertise their sex toy as a silent or quiet toy, there will still be some sort of sound when you use a vibrator. Most of them are quiet but some can be loud which may kill the mood, so choose wisely.


2. They can't replace oral sex

While vibrators give you that wonderful tingling feeling, they can’t replicate oral sex or hands-on stimulation. When it comes to physical touch, partner play should still be your go-to.


3. They can numb your erogenous zones

No one likes it when you can’t feel a thing. Put your vibrator on for too long in the same area and you might lose your sense of touch temporarily. That’s why it’s essential to take breaks in between.


Final Thoughts: Dildos vs Vibrators

Now that you know more about each sex toy, like anything in the sexual wellness realm, we leave the choice up to you. At Douxy, we believe in exploring your sexuality and understanding your body and its likes and dislikes. Check out our selection of best-sellers that will bring your sex life to the next level.

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