How to Avoid Pregnancy Scares: 5 Easy Ways

How to Avoid Pregnancy Scares: 5 Easy Ways

While it’s all in good fun, embarking on the journey of intimacy is also a commitment to responsible choices. It takes two to tango (and to have sex) so apart from consent, there must be a clear understanding and alignment of expectations. Mostly because you don’t want anyone to get hurt or worse end up with an unwanted pregnancy.

In this guide, we’ll delve into five ways to avoid pregnancy scares, tailoring our advice for individuals seeking positive pleasure. Our aim isn’t just to share information but to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools for a worry-free intimate experience.

So, you’re here for a good time and not a long time, keep reading.

1. Condom Confidence

You know this one. Glove it before you shove it. We know that it’s a classic yet crucial aspect of safe intimacy. When used correctly, condoms are highly effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), when used correctly with every act of sex, 98% of females whose male partners use male condoms will be protected from an unwanted pregnancy.

Condoms aren’t just a form of contraception; they’re a frontline defence against STDs. When choosing condoms, consider factors like material (latex, polyurethane, or polyisoprene), texture, and size for the best fit and sensation.

While everyone wants a heightened sensory experience, don’t forget that sex comes with responsibilities. Making sure you and your partner are aligned in terms of expectations is important. Talk things out and hear each other out. That being said, the practical aspect is important too, like proper storage and correct usage, these are all the things that could prevent pregnancy scares.

 2. Fun & Safe Sex Toys

Like it or not the safest way to not have an unwanted pregnancy is not to have sex. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. At Douxy, we believe in self-pleasure and being pleasure-positive with our wide selection of sex toys because everyone enjoys different kinds of stimulation at different areas of the erogenous zones and being confident about it is truly sexy.

As the ones who go through the process of pregnancy, females tend to be more cautious when it comes to having sex (and rightfully so). While sex toys can’t replicate the entire act of sex, they certainly can make you moan with pleasure. Plus, there’s a generous selection of sex toys that will whet your sexual appetite. Depending on the sensation you want to feel, there’s a toy for it. All you have to do is explore and you’ll find the right toy that meets your needs.

Think of each toy as your trusted friend that keeps a secret. In fact, this friend also doubles up as an effective contraceptive method. The best part of all, this friend functions when you’re on your own or with a partner so either way, it promises a ton of fun. So, get some action with peace of mind, ensuring safe intimacy. 

3. Responsible Ovulation Tracking

Now, let’s talk hormones, girls. If you don’t want to go through the entire family planning process and become a mother, it’s important to track your ovulations. Understanding your menstrual and ovulation cycles can significantly reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies and help you make informed decisions.

The fertility awareness method (FAM) is a natural family planning strategy that helps prevent pregnancy. They help you track your menstrual cycle so you’ll be aware when your ovaries release an egg every month, this process is called ovulation. 

For simple understanding, just remember that the days near ovulation are considered your fertile days — when you’re most likely to get pregnant. So, using FAM to keep track of those “unsafe” days is a good idea.

Apart from FAM, there are a few other ways of tracking your fertility to avoid pregnancy scares:

The Calendar Method
Plotting your menstrual cycle on a physical or digital calendar

The Temperature Method
Taking your temperature in the morning daily before getting out of bed

The Cervical Mucus Method
Checking your cervical mucus (vaginal discharge) every day

According to Planned Parenthood, it’s most effective to combine these 3 methods. When used together, they’re called the symptothermal method.


4. Visit the Doctor Regularly

We understand that no one likes making these appointments, but we recommend doing it for your sexual health and well-being. It’s always good to check in with your doctor, especially when birth control is in the picture and you’re sexually active. 

As we said, we know these conversations can be uncomfortable, but think of them as an educational experience about your body, STDs and health status. Not to mention, if you have any concerns or doubts, it’s a great time to clear your doubts with a medical professional you trust.

5. Perform Outercourse 

If you’re having sexual urges, but want a 0% chance of getting pregnant, there are ways around it. Having outercourse is a good option, while not many may be familiar with the term, it refers to any physical sexual activity between individuals that typically includes stimulation of the private parts but does not involve penetration.

We know sex is a basic human need, but given the pregnancy risks, it’s always a good idea to make smart calculated decisions to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
All in all...

A pregnancy scare is a daunting experience for any female to go through. That being said, it’s about being responsible and staying informed about your sexual decisions. In case you encounter a late period or miss your period, it’s a good idea to seek medical advice or talk to an adult you trust.

We also believe in having a strong support system that you can count on. Having people you trust that you can have open and honest conversations about sex — people who won’t judge or blame you, instead they offer compassion and care during this emotionally stressful time. 

The most important thing to remember is you are not alone.