How to Use Sex Toys: What You Need to Know Before Getting One

How to Use Sex Toys: What You Need to Know Before Getting One

There are probably enough sex toys to cover parts of the world by now. Not gonna lie, it can be intimidating having to navigate through so many products and features. However, we believe there’s one special toy that caters to your every need. 

But before we can go shopping, it's essential to learn how to use sex toys — that's where we come in, we'll go through the basics together so you can live a life of self-pleasure.

What is a Sex Toy?

There’s a reason why they’re called a “toy” because they’re meant to be fun and playful. Sex toys are toys and devices that were designed to make sex and masturbation more enjoyable. Not all sex toys are made equal, while most are used for pleasurable reasons, some offer medical functions to treat conditions.

How do I use a Sex Toy?

First, we have to be clear about the different categories of sex toys — clitoral vibrators, G-spot vibrators, AV massagers, bullet vibrators, and more. From there, they are broken down into further subcategories, mainly between external (those mentioned above) and anal (anal beads, butt plugs, etc.) — a good mix is always recommended. Once you’ve found the ones that tickle your fancy, you’ll be able to choose your sex toy with confidence.

That being said, not all sex toys function the same. And there are far too many categories to cover (with new categories and subcategories ever-expanding). What we can do is give you an overview of the most popular kinds that are in the market, so you can decide on your new bedroom BFF.

Here’s what category of toy does, how to operate them, and our overall thoughts:

Vaginal Toys

Made to stimulate and pleasure the vagina, vaginal toys are designed for people with vulvas, they work best for solo play or with a partner. With every rub and glide, you’ll be pleasuring the corresponding spots like the vaginal wall, A-spot, cervix and G-spot. Most of these toys have vibrating features, but some even thrust, rotate or heat to up the masturbation experience.

Classic vibrators

These types of vibrators are your OG sex toys that are the most basic, fuss-free types you can find in the market. Classic vibrators are usually shaped like a cylinder and are fairly straightforward, design-wise. It caters to the entire body, stimulating the breasts, vagina, any other any other parts you’re a fan of.

A classic vibrator works on the inside as well as the outside. That being said, we recommend applying a generous amount of lubricant before insertion. As the name suggests, classic vibrators are great for foreplay and most sexual situations, apart from face-to-face sex positions.

How to use: Apply lubricant onto the toy’s shaft and gently insert the classic vibrator into your vagina. Turn the power on and get ready for paradise. Position it at different spots for a playful, teasing good time.

G-Spot vibrators

G marks the spot because G-spot vibrators are your go-to for targeted stimulation. They’re typically large enough to go inside you and they tend to have curved shafts to make the rocking session more pleasurable.

Because of its large size, you might want to go solo on your G-spot journey. Mainly because it’s hard to fit fingers or a penis in the vagina when a vibrator is the main occupant already.

How to use: Apply lubricant onto the toy’s shaft and tip. Lie comfortably on your back and gently insert the vibrator. Remember that the G-spot is about 2-3 inches deeper into your upper vaginal wall.

Another thing to note is that the G-spot can only be aroused when fully relaxed. So, play some R&B music or light a scented candle, so you can keep calm and lube on. 

Love eggs

If you've seen something that's shaped like a sperm head, those are love eggs, meant to be inserted into your intimate parts. They’re powerful and discreet, that’s why they’re a popular choice. Love eggs can be used for G-spot or vaginal stimulation, and they usually come with a remote control so a partner can be fingering you from far away.

How to use: Similar to the rest, start by applying lubricant to the love egg, gently insert it and turn on the vibrations with the remote. Love eggs tend to be 2-4 inches in length, so they reach the G-spot, although they’re not designed for deep vaginal penetration. 

Kegel balls

Kegel balls aren’t modern sex toys, they’ve been around for centuries. They’re great for strengthening vaginal and pelvic wall muscles, thus enabling better bladder control and sexual experiences. These balls come in different weights and sizes to help you work your muscles through the act of clenching and unclenching. Kegel balls come with a tail-like strap that hangs out of the vagina for easy extraction.

These sex toys make great choices for foreplay as the sensation is almost uncontrollable. It can be thrilling and erotic at the same time. That being said, they’re not meant to stay in the body for more than 30 minutes per time.

How to use: To start, you might want to check out a few Kegel exercises. The idea is to familiarise yourself with these exercises before using them. The process is similar, lube, assume a comfortable position, insert, and then go about your Kegel exercises.

Other vaginal toys include realistic dildos, vibrating dildos, glass dildos, and strap-ons.

Clitoral Toys

These toys focus on stimulating the clitoris. Though some of the toys in this category can be inserted, they usually have more bulbous designs and are shorter, which may be difficult for internal stimulation. Read on to understand more about clitoral toys.

Finger vibrators

Similar to bullet vibrators, but they fit snugly around your fingers, so they’re great for playing with a partner. Finger vibrators have a curled design and grip, meaning better control during your pleasure time even if it gets rough.

How to use: First, wear the finger vibrator, then turn it on. From there, let your finger wander around your erogenous zones or your partner’s.

Mini vibrators

Don’t let their size deceive you because mini vibrators are tiny yet mighty devices. Known for their sheer size for convenience, they’re a market favourite because of their price point and ease of use.

Many mini vibrators target the clitoris, however, other intimate areas like the nipples, penis, and scrotum are welcome to join in the fun too. They’re great introduction products into the world of pleasure.

How to use: Apply a generous amount of lubricant to the tip of the mini vibrator. Then, turn it on and rub it all over your clitoris and other erogenous zones. Some of them might be designed for insertion, but please read up about your products to avoid any unwanted irritations.

Clit suckers

Unlike the other vibrators, clit suckers have a wide mouth that uses air and suction to mimic the sensations of oral sex. It provides a new dimension of sexual pleasure whether you’re with a partner or playing on your own.

As far as we know, they’re a useful sex toy for people who find it difficult to achieve orgasms. Clit suckers have a bulkier body so using it in the comfort of your own home would be best.

How to use: Get comfortable, preferably lying on your back. Spread your legs wide, apply lubricant around the mouth of the clit sucker and some on your clitoris. Then, turn it on and enjoy the sucking sensations.

Wand Massager

Shaped like a thick wand, wand massagers are one of the earliest sex toy designs, tracing back to the 70’s. Back then, they were corded or plugged-in style and pretty darn big. Some said they even resemble microphones. Well, is bigger better? We don’t know about better, but it’s one of the most powerful sex toys on the market.

These days, wand massager designs are more refined, and compact, with some even being waterproof. These types of massagers are best used for solo play because of its sheer size, it’s probably best to keep this one for yourself.

How to use: Get into a comfortable position and apply a few drops of lubricant to the clitoris. After that, turn on the device and place its head on your clitoris. Feel free to try it out for different parts of your body.

Tip vibrators

These sex toys were designed with laser focus in mind. It tapers thinly for pinpoint accuracy, stimulating the nerves of the labia and its surrounding parts. Tip vibrators are great for foreplay and building that thrilling experience. 

How to use: Turn on the vibrator and angle the tip to your clitoris, nipples, perineum, and other external erogenous zones. If you prefer a smoother glide, you can also apply lubricant before turning it on.

Male Sex Toys

If you thought sex toys were only for girls, you were mistaken. People with penises have their own range of sex toys too. So, there is something for everyone.


Depending solely on your hand is just meh. Masturbators could work wonders as they’re designed to visually stimulate a vagina, anus, or mouth offering a more erotic experience. Some are even motorized so it feels like it's sucking or tugging around the penis.

How to use: Apply lubricant on the inner sleeve, preferably a warming lube. Gently insert the penis into the sleeve and move the toy back and forth, keep moving it until you reach orgasm. It also vibrates, rotates, thrusts, and more.


Fleshlights are masturbators that are shaped like a flashlight or cylindrical tumbler. They’re compact and convenient and typically have lids that resemble a vagina or a pair of lips.

The inner sleeve is textured with nubs and ridges to make the masturbation that much more pleasurable. They are easily detachable to clean and keep hygiene after each session.

How to use: Like masturbators, apply lubricant on the soft sleeve and gently insert the erected penis into the toy’s opening. Move the fleshlight in a back and forth motion until climax.

Other male sex toys include cock rings, stroker, penis pumps, penis sleeves.

Anal Toys

There's been a lot of popularity in anal sex over the years. The anus creates great orgasms, it's worth exploring if you're feeling daring. Just be sure to lube up properly as anus does not produce its own natural lubricant.

Anal plugs

Think of them as a smaller and shorter dildo with a flared base. Anal plugs come in a variety of sizes for all kinds of needs. Some vibrate, some offer temperature play, either way there’s lots to try when it comes to anal experience.

How to use: Remember that the anus isn’t self-lubricating like the vagina, so keep a tube of lubricant nearby. Turn it on and enjoy the rest of your solo or couple plays for a new dimension of pleasure. 

Toy Talk

We’ve covered a comprehensive list of sex toys, so you can feel more ready for your first time. The truth is, the world of self-pleasure grows all the time and it’s always worth exploring to find out what works for you and your partner.