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Dive into our curated collection of G-spot vibrators in Malaysia, specifically designed to target and stimulate one of the most sensitive areas for profound pleasure.

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yyhorse fun-nana g-spot vibrator sex toys for women


Remember your first love? He's the boyfriend that's innocent and gentle most of the time, but on the inside, he's eagerly waiting to get reckless and rock your world. The...
lady rose with tongue with multi function g-spot vibrator sex toys for women

Lady Rose with Tongue ( Multi Functions )

Ready for a night of wild mischief? The Lady Rose with Tongue (Multi Functions) doubles up as a clitoral vibrator and G-spot dildo that offers a treat for your nipples...
the tides g-spot vibrator sex toys for women

The Tides

Are you a fan of having threesomes? With The Tides, we most certainly are. It offers gentle penetration with its ribbed head that increases clit sensitivity. In case you wanted...
yyhorse rotating fun-nana g-spot vibrator sex toys for women

Rotating Fun-nana

When you're home alone and want some "company", the Rotating Fun-nana has your evening "activities" sorted. It promises some mega sucking action and 10 speeds of vibration frequencies to leave...
leten kissing rabbit heat version g-spot and clitoral vibrator sex toys for women

Kissing Rabbit ( Heat Version )

The Kissing Rabbit (Heat Ver.) flexes to your every whim, and with strong vibrations and powerful G-spot pressure, deeply stirs your A-spot. Its thick, soft silicone is safe and edible,...
dolphin licking vibrator sex toys for women pink colour

Dolphin Licking Vibrator

8 frequency vibration Materials: silicone Product Size: 115*98*22mm Net Weight: 194.4g Charging Time: 60 mins Working Time: 60 mins
leten kissing rabbit g-spot and clitoral vibrator sex toys for women front view

Kissing Rabbit

Variety is the spice of life sex. You'll be spoilt for choice with the different textured heads from the Kissing Rabbit. Each one hits the G-spot diffferently, creating an orgasmic...
katuysha g-spot vibrator sex toys for women black colour


Materials: ABS + food grade silicone Product Size: 240*150*55mm Net Weight: 174g Battery: 300 mah Charging Time: 70 mins Working Time: 80 mins
kistoy cathy mini g-spot vibrator sex toys for women with box

Cathy Mini

Kisses from the Cathy Mini are just as warm and wet as kisses from him. In fact, Cathy heats up on demand, resembling immediate body heat, just like his muscles...
kistoy cathy pro g-spot vibrator sex toys for women with box

Cathy Pro

In fairytales, we were taught about the kiss of life, death, but not the kiss of bliss from the Cathy Pro. Experience sexy sucking to turn you on and strong...
le-chatte g-spot vibrator sex toys for women pink colour


We believe that more is more when it comes to sex toys, that's why the Le-Chatte comes in bulk for your everyday pleasure. Whether you prefer sucking or pounding, this...
barbra wing g-spot and clitoral vibrator sex toys for women

BarBra Wing

There's a different version of an angel and it's the BarBra Wing. As of the latest designs in elegant and innovative sex toys, it pairs lasting suction with powerful vibrance...
svakom zora 3z g-spot vibrator sex toys for women

Zora 3z

When he's not around, the Zora 3z is your best friend. It's shaped like him and works hard like he does. He touches your skin with kindness but also gets...
svakom phoenix neo 2 g-spot vibrator sex toys for women

Phoenix Neo 2

Ignite the passion with the Phoenix Neo 2. This red-hot sex toy offers an immersive experience to romance or just a steamy session. Feel the exhilaration before a climax rubbing...
beauty brush vibrator sex toys for women

Beauty Brush Vibrator

This brush was designed for a special place, not your cheeks. This vibrator goes deeper into a place where happy things happen. You can twist it or swirl it to...
lelo soraya 2 g-spot and clitoral vibrator sex toys for women


You can trust SORAYA™ 2 to be smoother than any smooth-talker you've ever known. This sleek wand is designed and sculpted for G-spot orgasms. It bends at any angle to...
leten happy mushr g-spot and clitoral vibrator sex toys for women front view

Happy Mushr

Feeling pretty mushy? The Happy Mushr is like a romance novel, making you feel desire, passion, and lust all at once. When the story reaches its climax, so will your...
lelo gigi 2 g-spot vibrator sex toys for women


Wizards use wands, but girls like you use the GIGI™ 2. Let this G-spot vibrator do cosmic and magical things to you on your sexcapades. Take your steamy foreplay to...

Benefits of G-Spot Vibrators


G-spot vibrators are a key to unlocking deeper, more intense pleasure, offering a targeted approach to stimulation that many find exhilarating. These specialized vibrators are crafted to reach and massage the G-spot, an area known for its potential to produce powerful orgasms. The direct stimulation can lead to profound personal satisfaction, exploring new heights of pleasure.

Beyond their primary function, G-spot vibrators are versatile tools for exploration, suitable for both solo play and couples' adventures. They encourage personal discovery and can enhance intimacy with a partner by introducing new sensations and experiences into your repertoire. The use of a G-spot vibrator is also a great way to learn more about your body's preferences, leading to a more fulfilling sex life.

Moreover, the journey with a G-spot vibrator is as much about emotional well-being as it is about physical pleasure. It can serve as a form of self-care, providing a private space for relaxation and exploration, contributing to a balanced and satisfying personal life.


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