10 Sex Terms You Probably Don't Know Yet

10 Sex Terms You Probably Don't Know Yet

Ever been introduced to a sex term and didn't know what it meant? We’ve been there. There’s no need to feel shy or embarrassed about it. The glossary of sex terms increases all the time and it’s hard to keep up, but having an open mind about learning new terms helps.

Let’s embark on a journey into the lesser-explored realms of intimacy as we unravel 10 sex terms that may have slipped under your radar. While the world of sexual expression is vast and diverse, we're here to introduce you to some fascinating and perhaps unconventional concepts. 

Get ready to broaden your horizons, deepen your understanding, and maybe even discover a new favourite term or two.

1. Pearl Necklace

While it might sound pretty innocent, trust us when we say it’s not. According to Cosmopolitan, the term Pearl Necklace refers to a party with a penis ejaculating on his partner’s neck or chest. The droplets of semen that scatter on their partner’s neck or chest are referred to as the Pearl Necklace.

How to pull off a Pearl Necklace: You could do so starting with making the party with a penis come. The idea is to release and aim it at their partner’s neck or chest. This might include a blowjob or boob job to stimulate your partner’s penis. Simple communication will help, especially just right before he comes.

2. Golden Shower

Hold on to your seat because we promise this one is wet and wild!

This one might be an unconventional one. A Golden Shower is a foreplay or sexual activity wherein someone pees or urinates on their partner hence the term, “golden” and “shower”. 

It’s usually more common for those who have specific kinks or fetishes, but are also associated with the BDSM community. 

How to pull off a Golden Shower: Safety first, we recommend having goggles, and towels, and not ingesting their urine as well. This one can be intimidating, so going slow is key. You could try it in the shower with your partner first. Meshing both liquids might not feel as intimidating.

3. Teabagging

If you’re thinking this sex term has something to do with the British and lifting your pinky for a sip, you’re sorely mistaken.

Teabagging is the sexual act where someone with a penis dips their balls in and out of someone’s mouth. Like how you would dip your teabag slowly in a cup of hot water, that’s how teabagging with a partner works.

The whole idea is to allow the one with a penis to assume a more active role in their pleasure instead of the conventional blowjob, where they’re more passive as their partner stimulates their penis and testicles by sucking, licking, or touching.

How to pull off Teabagging: Needless to say, this should be communicated with your partner and both parties should be agreeable to this. Once you’re both clear, assume a proper position and open wide. You could either lie down or kneel to be on the same level of their penis. Coat your mouth with saliva as their balls get dipped inside your mouth. Breathe slowly and go at your own pace. Remember, practice makes pleasure.

4. Creampie

Here’s another sex term you probably haven’t heard of yet — Creampie. Don’t be fooled by its food-like name, it’s pretty kinky, but we assume you’re into that, that’s why you’re here.

Urban Dictionary defines Creampie as “the act of unprotected/uncovered penile ejaculation and insemination inside the vagina.” This sex term works for partners or couples who are trying to get pregnant or simply have a kink for it.

How to pull off a Creampie: Here’s where the sex terms could use some clarification. The person with a penis ejaculates all of his semen (their “cream”) into a vagina (the “pie”) as they reach climax. Afterwards, the person with a penis pulls out, leaving the vagina oozing in their cream, there you have it, a Creampie! 

While it’s all fun and games, ensuring that you’re both STD-free and are protected with modes of birth control to avoid a pregnancy scare is essential. Discuss this with your partner so no one gets hurt in “baking” this Creampie.

5. Fifth Base

“Fifth base” as the 5th sex term? Yes, we did that intentionally. 

It’s common to refer to sex in the category of bases, like baseball. Usually, it’s done until fourth base which is the homerun aka sex. However, for others, there’s more to explore beyond “just sex”.

Fifth base refers to a casual slang referring to anal sex. Some call it backdoor play, and they’re right because essentially that’s what it is. That being said, we recommend discussing your fifth base plans with your partner beforehand and getting clear on what they’re comfortable with and how to navigate this new sexual activity. If you’re new to it, you’re in for a wild yet satisfying ride!

6. Figging

What the fig is figging? If that’s what you’re wondering, let us demystify this sex term with you. Vice describes figging as a kink where one one stuffs ginger in one’s butt. We’re serious. The lifestyle magazine describes it as a burning butt plug, how’s that for a crazy kink?

Why ginger, anyway? Good question. Also known as “gingering”, ginger creates a warm, tingling, or burning sensation that some people find erotic, intense, or painful in an exciting way. It’s usually intended for the butt, but some daredevils have used it for the vagina, and other crazy daredevils have used it for the urethra. 

If there’s another question on your mind, it’d probably be why “fig” when no figs are involved. Well, the term “fig” likely comes from “feague”, which refers to the practice of putting ginger (or other irritants like live eels — eek!) in a horse’s butt to make it carry its tail higher to make it appear “more spirited”.

How to pull off Figging: If it’s intended for the butt, peel a finger of ginger and carve it into the shape of a butt plug. From there, make sure it is tapered at the insertion point with a wider flange at the end for easy removal once done.

7. Gluck gluck 3000

Now, Gluck gluck 3000 is a sex term that refers to a certain blowjob technique. First coined from the controversial podcast show “Call Her Daddy” hosted by Alex Cooper and formerly Sofia Franklyn. It’s a technique where you use both your hands around the penis, twist it in multiple directions, and suck on it, especially the tip.

How to pull off Gluck gluck 3000: Some say treat the penis like it’s a vacuum seal. Although based on the term “gluck” it’s typically associated with being thirsty for water and drinking it quickly. 

You can get really imaginative here, think of his penis as the only source of water left on earth, giving him the best head of his life. Let the sound and volume of saliva and sloppiness lead the way and don’t be shy to get messy.

8. Dopplebanger

Yes, this sex term is taken from the common terminology, doppleganger, which refers to a look-alike person. Dopplebanger is like having sex with yourself, except that it’s not you. Sometimes, people say couples who’ve been together for a long time tend to look more like each other, think of it as something like that.

It’s not as weird as it sounds because it simply means you feel a sense of comfort with the familiarity with dating or sleeping with someone who shares similar physical traits as you.

9. Vers

It’s hard to give this sex term a guess, especially if you’re not in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

According to Pride, Vers which is a short form of versatile is a long that describes “a gay or bi man who can either be on top or bottom during sex.” Some may face challenges with this term as they have only assumed the roles of top or bottom, thinking it’s a fixed thing. However, Vers is someone who’s in the middle, willing to assume any position.

10. Edge Play

What comes to mind when you hear the sex term, “edge play”? Something extreme involving knives? Nah.

The term Edge play refers to kinky sexual acts that push your boundaries (consensually) to the edge, which may or may not involve knives (depending on you and your partner and if you’re up for it). It’s usually an exhilarating experience for some, but it’s always important to check in with your partner. Come up with safe words or keep an eye on your partner as you explore new territories with them.

Now You Know...

As we conclude our journey through these 10 uncommon sex terms, it's important to approach the vast landscape of human desire with an open mind. The diversity of preferences and fantasies showcased in these terms reminds us that the world of intimacy is multifaceted, mysterious, and endlessly intriguing. Embrace the exploration, celebrate the uniqueness of desire, and remember that understanding these terms opens the door to more inclusive conversations about intimacy and pleasure.