P‘sang x Douxy 520 Bundle Gift Set (Fun-Nana/Rotating Fun-Nana and JUZ H2O/JUZ BERRY²)

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Unwrap Passion with the Exclusive 520 Bundle Gift Set

Douxy, your destination for premium pleasure, has partnered with P'sang, renowned for their high-quality condoms, to bring you an exclusive 520 Bundle Gift Set. This luxurious collection is designed to elevate your intimate moments to new heights, combining the innovative Fun-Nana/Rotating Fun-Nana and P'sang's Premium Water-based Lubricant.

What's Inside:

  • Fun-Nana/Rotating Fun-Nana

  • P'sang Premium Water-Based Lubricant

  • P'sang x Douxy customized condoms attached on gift card
  • Wet Tissues

Why Choose the 520 Bundle Gift Set?

  • Premium Quality: Both Douxy and P'sang are committed to providing top-notch products that ensure safety, comfort, and maximum pleasure.
  • Perfect for Couples: This bundle is an ideal gift for couples looking to explore and enhance their intimate moments together.
  • Exclusive Collaboration: Experience the synergy of two leading brands in the intimate wellness industry, offering you a unique and unforgettable pleasure experience.

Treat yourself or a loved one to the 520 Bundle Gift Set and discover a world of delight and connection. Elevate your intimacy and make every moment count with Douxy and P'sang.

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Douxy: Choose an option

Rotating Fun-nana

P'sang: Choose an option

JUZ H2O Premium Water Based Lubricant
JUZ BERRY² Premium Water Based Lubricant
Additional Information

Fun-Nana, Rotating Fun-nana


JUZ H2O Premium Water Based Lubricant, JUZ BERRY² Premium Water Based Lubricant


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