Discover our range of LETEN sex toys, offering a variety of high-quality masturbation cups and vibrators that promise both excitement and ease of use. Each LETEN product is crafted with a focus on delivering ultimate pleasure, combining advanced technology with user-friendly design to enhance your personal experience.

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leten kissing rabbit heat version g-spot and clitoral vibrator sex toys for women

Kissing Rabbit ( Heat Version )

The Kissing Rabbit (Heat Ver.) flexes to your every whim, and with strong vibrations and powerful G-spot pressure, deeply stirs your A-spot. Its thick, soft silicone is safe and edible,...
leten flying bird masturbation cup sex toys for men

Flying Bird

A bird chirps, but the Flying Bird will make you grunt in esctasy. If you like it tight, this masturbator gets tighter as you go deeper. Get an immersive sex...
leten piston x9 iv masturbation cup sex toys for men top view

Piston X9 IV

No one will suspect that the Piston X9 IV is your secret to getting freaky. While it looks like a laser, it's the perfect disguise for carrying it everywhere when...
leten kissing rabbit g-spot and clitoral vibrator sex toys for women front view

Kissing Rabbit

Variety is the spice of life sex. You'll be spoilt for choice with the different textured heads from the Kissing Rabbit. Each one hits the G-spot diffferently, creating an orgasmic...
leten happy mushr g-spot and clitoral vibrator sex toys for women front view

Happy Mushr

Feeling pretty mushy? The Happy Mushr is like a romance novel, making you feel desire, passion, and lust all at once. When the story reaches its climax, so will your...
leten turbojet-20 spinner masturbation cup sex toys for men


Designed like a machine gun, the TurboJet-20 is loaded with a vortex of sucking and stimulating. Its rapid-fire inhalation makes you quiver uncontrollably and surrendering to its powerful force. Get...
leten av emperor iv masturbation cup sex toys for men front view

AV Emperor IV

When she's away and you're missing her and her precious parts, the AV Emperor IV is your next best partner. Its shaped like her and feels fleshy like her and...