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Explore our collection of rabbit vibrators in Malaysia, designed to cater to both internal and external pleasure points simultaneously.

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peter the great g-spot vibrator sex toys for women red colour

Peter The Great

"Materials: ABS + food grade silicone Product Size: 246*50*37mm Net Weight: 280g Battery: 500 mah Charging Time: 80 mins Working Time: 65 mins"
svakom zora 3z g-spot vibrator sex toys for women

Zora 3z

When he's not around, the Zora 3z is your best friend. It's shaped like him and works hard like he does. He touches your skin with kindness but also gets...
barbra wing g-spot and clitoral vibrator sex toys for women

BarBra Wing

There's a different version of an angel and it's the BarBra Wing. As of the latest designs in elegant and innovative sex toys, it pairs lasting suction with powerful vibrance...

Benefits of Rabbit Vibrators


Rabbit G-spot & clitoral vibrators are celebrated for their ability to provide a dual-action experience, targeting both the G-spot and clitoris for an intensely satisfying session. This simultaneous stimulation can lead to more profound and dynamic orgasms, offering a multi-faceted approach to pleasure. The unique design of these vibrators allows for a personalized experience, with adjustable settings to cater to your specific sensitivity and preference levels.

The versatility of rabbit vibrators makes them an excellent choice for solo exploration or as an addition to partner play, enhancing intimacy and shared pleasure. They're also a powerful tool for personal discovery, encouraging users to explore and understand their pleasure points in a safe and comfortable setting.

Engaging with a rabbit G-spot & clitoral vibrator is not only about physical pleasure; it's also an empowering act of self-care that can improve mental well-being and stress relief. By providing a space for private exploration and relaxation, these vibrators contribute to a balanced and joyful personal life.


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At Douxy, we are dedicated to offering a curated selection of rabbit vibrators that meet our rigorous standards for quality, safety, and pleasure. Each product is chosen with care to ensure it delivers a reliable and exhilarating experience. We prioritize your privacy and security, providing secure payment methods and discreet packaging to make your shopping experience stress-free and enjoyable.

Our customer support team is passionate about helping you find the perfect rabbit vibrator, offering personalized assistance for any queries or after-sales support. Choose Douxy for a seamless and satisfying shopping journey, where your pleasure and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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